Sansoro Health transforms healthcare information technology by offering an elegant software solution for electronic medical record (EMR) interoperability. Sansoro’s core product, Emissary™, is a proven middleware application that leverages robust web services to provide bi-directional, EMR-agnostic application programming interfaces (APIs) to connect third party technology products with the major EMR platforms.  

Sansoro supports its Emissary software with professional services that significantly accelerate interface capabilities, while simultaneously reducing the cost and complexity of building, managing and maintaining these interfaces. Sansoro works directly with provider organizations, healthcare IT application companies and systems integrators. The Emissary solution is safe, effective, reliable and scalable.

An Opportunity to Revolutionize Healthcare

The absence of robust EMR interoperability standards has created a unique opportunity. Existing methods are expensive to configure and maintain and fail to meet the integration needs of today’s advanced healthcare applications.  REST APIs have transformed the digital economy in retail, services and manufacturing. Emissary brings this technology to healthcare. With seamless data integration and improved workflows, our innovative software enables improved patient outcomes delivered at lower cost. 

What is "The Emissary Solution"?

Sansoro’s Emissary application provides standard EMR integration through universal REST APIs and a unified data model. Once the middleware is installed, you can connect to industry leading EMRs, third party software and hardware.   

Why Sansoro Health?

Sansoro was formed by bringing together deep knowledge and architecture experience from leading EMR vendors: Cerner, Epic, MEDITECH, and Allscripts with more on the way!  We combine this extensive technical knowledge with an executive team with decades of experience in healthcare delivery. 

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