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The Sansoro Health team alleviated the need to have a dedicated internal resource to set up the point-to-point integration. Their team was highly responsive to our unique requests and demonstrated a great deal of initiative to anticipate and resolve potential issues.

– Larissa Mason, Director of Consulting Services


“Without this data, the patient might have questioned the competence of the provider or wondered why the provider didn’t know the last lab results. Now within Epic, providers use the embedded chart viewer to find PDFs of Pathology reports, photos and progress notes – in real time, during a patient visit.”

– Nishit Patel, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer, USF Health


“We saw immediate improvements since partnering with Sansoro Health. At the first health system install, Sansoro Health completely eliminated 200 hours of implementation time. That’s a huge cost savings to remove the labor hours and eliminate interface and maintenance fees.”

– Adam Klass, CTO, VigiLanz


We spent a year of due diligence evaluating inoperability solutions. Sansoro Health by far had the only approach for API data exchange. It’s a game changer for us in terms of data liquidity.

– Matt Cunningham, EVP, eviCore healthcare


Shifting from HL7 to APIs allows us to be more nimble and efficient in implementation, as well as experiencing stable, ongoing support so our integration engineers can focus on initiatives that maximize the value for business operations.

– Deb Bauman, Chief Information Officer, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation


To streamline telepharmacy activities, we rely on Sansoro Health’s Emissary API integration to improve patient safety and enable pharmacists to quickly verify orders and improve their efficiency.

– Eric Carter, Vice President of Integration, PipelineRx

Endless connections. Limitless possibilities.

Prior authorization

Streamline prior authorization processes with seamless data exchange. Stop copying charts and retire those fax machines. Reduce costs and boost satisfaction and efficiency for you and your customers.

Advanced analytics

Boost predictive and advanced analytics capabilities. Integrate comprehensive, real-time clinical and billing data across patient populations. Make workflows seamless and information actionable by putting it directly into the EHR.

Release of information

Automate medical record requests to save time and slash administrative costs. Free up valuable staff time. Please your customers and their patients with better service and improved outcomes.

Quality reporting

Enhance quality reporting with secure access to robust clinical data. Develop and maintain reports more easily. Rapidly identify opportunities to drive better clinical outcomes. Make routine audits painless.

Risk adjustment

Take risk adjustment to the next level with rich clinical data — structured and unstructured. Enhance the accuracy of forecasts and the ability to successfully engage in value-based care.

Telehealth solutions


Integration is always the challenge with telehealth. Find out how our proven API software platform takes down barriers that inhibit innovation in telehealth.


Build and deploy effective surveillance for key clinical or operational initiatives. Now your customers can achieve impactful, real-time clinical decision support and detect, prevent and manage critical situations.

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