4x4 Health Podcast: 2019 Predictions

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Predicting the future requires a bit of hutzpah and some recklessness! It’s also an essential ingredient in imagining a better future and making it come to pass. That’s why the 4x4 Health podcast team interviewed some of the leading minds in health IT to get their take on what to expect in 2019.

The series kicks off with Drs. Dave Levin and Dave Butler in episode titled, “Two Daves 2019 Health Predictions”. We follow this with a series of interviews where each of our guests make predictions in four categories:

Promises Fulfilled
What previously promising technology will begin to really fulfill its potential in 2019?

This category is for health IT efforts that have been brewing for a while but have yet to consistently deliver measurable value (ROI or VOI) through practical use cases.

Reality Strikes
What technology, that has been riding high on the hype cycle, will be viewed more realistically in 2019?

Most health IT goes through a predicable hype cycle. This category is for health IT activities that are the “next big thing” and currently riding a wave of unrealistic expectations that will subside in 2019 as reality asserts itself.

What major health IT trends will accelerate in 2019?

Trends come in all sizes. This category is devoted to calling out the biggest trends that may take years to play out but will gather momentum in 2019.

What “under the radar” health IT issues will come to the forefront in 2019?

This category is all about surprises and focuses on opportunities or issues that will burst onto the scene in 2019.


Episode 1

In this premier episode of our special six part 2019 Health Prediction Series, Drs. Dave Levin and Dave Butler take on some of the most important challenges and opportunities that Health IT will face over the next 12 months.  Dr. Butler is the Founder and Principal of Calyx Consulting, and has a long track record of success leading top health care organizations through the process of selecting and deploying health IT applications.  Check out Dr. Butler’s previous episode on 4×4 Health to learn more about clinician engagement & governance for success.

Episode 2

In episode two of our six part 2019 Health IT Predictions series, we talk with Dr. Nick Van Terheyden.  In addition to being the founder and CEO of Incremental Healthcare, “Dr. Nick” is widely seen as a leading innovator in Digital Healthcare.  His unique interest in the intersection of healthcare, technology, and human behavior leads to fascinating insights into the rapidly changing Digital Healthcare environment of 2019.

Episode 3

In episode three of our six part 2019 Health IT Predictions series, we talk with the CIO of the Cleveland Clinic: Ed Marx(@marxtango).  As CIO, Ed strives to develop leaders and leverage digital healthcare technologies in order to enable superior outcomes across the Cleveland Clinic’s $8 billion medical system.  We don’t have space here to list all of Ed’s achievements and awards, so tune in for an engaging discussion on the future of health IT.

Episode 4
In episode four of our six part 2019 Health IT Predictions series, we talk with Dr. Don Rucker.  Dr. Rucker is the National Coordinator for Health Information and has a long history of being on the leading edge of health IT innovation.  Whether the promise of APIs or the potential of blockchain technology, throughout the conversation Dr. Rucker gives valuable insight on some of the most discussed health IT topics of today.
Episode 5

In episode five of our six part 2019 Health IT Predictions series, we talk with Matthew Holt.  Matthew has had a long career in health IT and is best known as a founder of The Health Care Blog and the Health 2.0 conferences.  Today, he continues to leverage his wealth of experience as the President of SMACK.health Advisory service for health tech startups.

Episode 6

To conclude our 2019 Health IT prediction series, we feature a discussion with Aneesh Chopra.  Aneesh was a featured speaker in the Opening Keynote and an Interoperability Town Hall at HIMSS19, and currently serves as the President of CareJourney: a Hutch Analytics company devoted to providing analytical insights on population health from open data.  From 2009-2012, he served as the first U.S. Chief Technology Officer and, in 2014, published a book based on his public sector experience, Innovative Sate: How New Technologies Can Transform Government.

Our Distinguished Guests

David Butler

David Butler

Founder and Principal of Calyx Consulting

Episode Release Date: 2/5/19

Don Rucker, MD

Don Rucker, MD

National Coordinator for HIT

Episode Release Date: 2/12/19

Nick van Terheyden, MD

Nick van Terheyden, MD

Managing Director & Strategist Incremental Healthcare

Episode Release Date: 2/8/19

Matthew Holt

Matthew Holt

President, SMACK.Health

Episode Release Date: 2/13/19

Ed Marx

Ed Marx

CIO, Cleveland Clinic

Episode Release Date: 2/11/19

Aneesh Chopra

Aneesh Chopra

President of Care Journey, former US CTO

Episode Release Date: 2/14/19

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