Let me apologize in advance if this post sounds less than humble, winning the HIMSS 2016 Venture+ Forum Pitch Competition can cause one’s head to swell a little bit. We are very proud of our product, our team and this tremendous honor, but our real pride lies in showing there is a better path to EMR integration that is available now. Our CEO, Jeremy Pierotti put it this way in his presentation to the Venture+ Forum judges:

“In January, CMS head Andy Slavitt said that open APIs are essential ‘to allow apps, analytic tools, and connected technologies to get data in and out of an EHR securely.’

I know it seems too good to be true. Skeptics said this could not be done. We did it in 18 months. We are live and it works. Sansoro Health delivers on the open API promise – today. Wandering around the HIMSS exhibit hall, it seems clear that the vast majority of conference participants – and the people in this room – would welcome this kind of solution.”

Sansoro Health Venture Competition Winner


And why shouldn’t they welcome it? After all, we are surrounded by a sea of elegant and interconnected applications that allow us to shop, bank, travel, socialize and play. Not everyone may know what open APIs are or how they work, but we all benefit from the great user experiences, rapid innovation, and competition that ensue. Of course, both patients and providers should expect the same for healthcare IT.

Tomorrow, we will go back to being humble and hard working for there is much left to do. Today, we pause to take stock of what has been accomplished. Sansoro Health has demonstrated what is possible nowand pointed the way to a brighter future for healthcare technology.


Open APIs for healthcare are no longer a hope or theory. They are a promise fulfilled!

Dave Levin, MD is the Chief Medical Officer for Sansoro Health where he focuses on bringing true interoperability to healthcare. Dave is a nationally recognized speaker, author and the former CMIO for the Cleveland Clinic.


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