Advanced analytics

Boost population health, predictive and other high priority advanced analytics activities. Integrate and retrieve a wide range of clinical data in real-time across patient populations. Make workflows seamless and information actionable by putting it directly into the EMR.

Forgo the fax machine

Emissary solutions can streamline your prior authorization process by allowing health information to be exchanged from any source – seamlessly and securely. That means you can transfer patient data in a fraction of the time, speeding your prior authorization process and decisions. By eliminating paper and reducing laborious (and error-prone) paperwork, you can save time and money, freeing up resources for more important things.

Accelerate innovation

Application programming interfaces (APIs) make it possible for big services like Google Maps or Amazon Echo to let other programs access limited information, easily and securely. Sansoro Health does the same for healthcare.

By turning EHR systems into open platforms, Emissary enables sharing of information with your application– so you move to the top of the IT queue, deliver value swiftly and get to revenue faster.

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