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We begin our series on opioid abuse in America with an overview of the origins of the crisis and current approaches to diagnosis and treatment with Dr. Marvin Seppala. Dr. Seppala is Chief Medical Officer at the world-renowned Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation and has over 30 years of experience developing programs and treating addiction. This is a do-not-miss episode for patients, clinicians, policy makers and anyone else touched by this crisis.

About the Series

America is in the midst of an Opioid abuse crisis. In 2017, more than 28,000 Deaths were attributed to overdosing on synthetic opioids. The steady rise in the number of people misusing opioids and the migration of some patients to street drugs like heroin and fentanyl when they can no longer get legitimate prescriptions has resulted in a genuine public health crisis and an “all-hands on deck” moment for healthcare.  In this special series of 4x4 Health our guests share their views on this crisis as we look at the current state of diagnosis and treatment as well as the role technology can play in enabling better care.

About Dr. Seppala

Marvin D. Seppala, MD, is chief medical officer at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, an adjunct Assistant Professor at the Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies and an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychiatry for Mayo Clinic College of Medicine & Science.

His responsibilities include overseeing all interdisciplinary clinical practices at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, maintaining and improving quality of care, and supporting growth strategies for the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation’s residential and nonresidential addiction treatment programs. Seppala obtained his MD at Mayo Medical School in Rochester, Minnesota, and served his residency in psychiatry and a fellowship in addiction at University of Minnesota Hospitals in Minneapolis. Dr. Seppala is author of Clinician’s Guide to the Twelve Step Principles, and a co-author of When Painkillers Become Dangerous, Pain-Free Living for Drug-Free People, and Prescription Painkillers, Hazelden Publishing.

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