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Diving in to the nitty gritty

If you’ve already mastered the basics – it’s time to dive into the more technical details surrounding APIs. This section of the API Learning Center contains blogs, white papers, and industry reports to further your understanding.

See why APIs outperform traditional data exchange

How API Technology Enhances Privacy and Security

White Paper Preview

At the most basic level, healthcare organizations have been using APIs for a decade – maybe more – whether their IT leaders realize it or not. Single sign-on authentication is a great example of API technology that health IT (HIT) organizations have adopted and used for years. Modern single sign- on technology is readily embraced and considered a security enhancement. Single sign-on also makes life simpler for clinicians and staff who need to access information quickly…

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Take a step back

Now that you have experience in some of the deeper technical aspects of APIs, it’s time to put everything together. Review how APIs are currently being deployed across health care and other ways health data transfer is happening in the U.S.

Current-State Assessment of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in Health Care

Annual Update on the Adoption of a Nationwide System for the Electronic Use and Exchange of Health Information