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Exchange patient data in real time with Emissary, the proven API solution from Sansoro Health.

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1. Number of customer implementations requiring EHR integration planned for the next 12 months
2. Number of interfaces (ADT, lab results, orders, etc.) per integration
Interfaces include ADT, lab results, orders, etc.
3. Is one of these interfaces an ADT?
4. How many hours does your team spend on integration for a typical implementation?
5. How many hours do your customers spend on integration for a typical implementation?
6. On average, how many months from contract signing to go-live?
7. On average, what is your monthly license revenue per customer?

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    Emissary goes far beyond cost and time savings


    Our APIs enable applications to unlock their full potential, with data liquidity, security, and scalability like never before. You have a partner in Sansoro Health. We’re ready to help you advance health IT at lightning-speeds.

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    “We know we’ve been successful when we can demonstrate improved patient outcomes through an integrated
    data system.”

    – Peter Chang, MD, Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Tampa General Hospital


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