Last updated: 1/07/18

In this podcast, we meet Tony Paquin, CEO of the iRemedy Healthcare Companies, who shares his expertise in eCommerce for healthcare. Tony is a recognized pioneer and leader in the field of retail healthcare and he makes a compelling case that it can be a win-win for health care providers and patients. We explore how providers are leveraging these platforms to deliver better service and diversify revenue streams and how patients benefit from the convenience and quality of the products on offer. Given his background and experience, it’s no surprise Tony has a great pet-peeve and some very sage advice too.

About Tony Paquin

Tony Paquin is CEO of the iRemedy Healthcare Companies, who developed the first comprehensive ecommerce solution for healthcare.

Their turn-key platform provides products to doctors in a Business to Business model and to patients in a Business to Consumer model. Tony and his team have grown iRemedy into a national healthcare technology company and they are intent on disrupting and transforming what they refer to as, “the outdated, cost-laden U.S. healthcare supply chain industry.”

Tony is a dedicated entrepreneur, industry pioneer, and a nationally renowned healthcare consultant who has served in leadership positions in a career that spans more than three decades. He has founded and led numerous public and private companies and organizations and is a recognized expert in a broad range of markets, including Retail Healthcare, an industry he is often credited with pioneering.

Tony is regularly invited to speak to financial and healthcare groups around the world. Among other events, he has participated in panel discussions at the Naval War College and Qualcomm’s annual healthcare technology conference.

Tony is married to Keisha, and is the father to two adult children. In his leisure time, he enjoys engaging new technologies both for work as well as pleasure, reading historical non-fiction, working on his new book, sailing, and world travel.

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