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Thought Leadership
This past week, we announced the merger of Sansoro Health and Datica and shared what the newly combined Datica company means for the health care market. As I head home and wind down this week, I had an opportunity...

Healthcare in the Cloud

4x4 Health Podcast
Healthcare is moving to the cloud and in this episode of 4x4 Health we talk with Travis Good, MD, Chief Technology Officer of Datica; following their recent merger with Sansoro Health.

How to Improve Clinical Workflow: 50 Expert Tips

Thought Leadership
Healthcare organizations are embracing innovative technologies at a faster pace than ever before, but clinical workflow management remains a pain point for providers. As providers face pressure to do more in less time, technology tools like EHRs seem like...

22 Health IT Experts Reveal the Single Best Way to Simplify Interoperability in Healthcare IT

EMR Interoperability
It’s not hard to see why the seamless exchange of data between applications, providers, and healthcare organizations, known as interoperability, benefits all parties – providers, administration, and patients alike. The availability of relevant, real-time clinical data provides insights that...

4 Reasons Why EHR Interoperability is a Mess (and How to Fix It)

EMR Interoperability
Interoperability is crucial to accessing patient data for proactive care delivery and better outcomes. EHRs and other Health IT (HIT) systems must be able to communicate with each other to support accurate, efficient, and meaningful exchange of clinical data.

CMS & ONC Propose Big Changes for Payers

4x4 Health Podcast ONC/CMS
In this special edition of 4x4 Health, we discuss the impact of the ONC/CMS rules on healthcare payers with Nikki Kent, SVP of Operations at Sansoro Health.

A Conversation with the Father of FHIR

4x4 Health Podcast FHIR
In this episode of 4x4 Health, we talk to Grahame Grieve, the architect-developer of HL7s Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR).

ONC & CMS Proposed Rules | Part 6: Payer Data Requirements

API Learning Center Blog Series ONC/CMS Thought Leadership
With so much attention focused on requirements for health IT companies like EHR vendors and providers, it is easy to miss the huge impact that the new rules is likely to have for payers.