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Partner Success Story

Blog Series Partner Success Story
VigiLanz, an industry-leading digital health care intelligence firm uses application programming interfaces (APIs) to improve clinical surveillance in real-time.

API quality matters

Quality Reporting
The recent announcement by AthenaHealth that their APIs had been called one billion times serves as both a milestone for the use of APIs in healthcare and a reminder that API quality is as important as quantity. After all,...

VA-DoD: Winning the (ongoing) battle for interoperability

Blog Series Thought Leadership
Pursuit of a broad, robust, API-based approach to interoperability will be crucial to delivering on the promise of world-class care that our active military, veterans and their families deserve.

JP Morgan 2018: Observations on healthcare investing

Thought Leadership
Every January, JP Morgan conducts a world-class conference focusing on investment in healthcare. It’s an impressive gathering of investors, healthcare leaders and innovators, ranging from services to life sciences to information technology. Participation far exceeds those who actually attend...

Seven healthcare predictions for 2018

Thought Leadership
As we start off 2018, let’s dust off the crystal ball and make some healthcare predictions. What can you expect for healthcare this year? Here are my seven predictions for the coming year.

Calculate your ROI with APIs

Thought Leadership
Every day we hear stories of rising healthcare costs. What if a solution could drive cost savings and add value? Following my previous Black Friday blog post and continuing the trend of holiday deals and specials, we’re excited to...

This Black Friday: Skip the long lines & start saving now

Thought Leadership
Black Friday is an exciting time of year, as we look forward to saving money on the newest technology. Chances are the new toys you’re buying – smart TVs, wireless headphones and Amazon Echos, to name a few— are...

MIPS & the prevention of information blocking

Quality Reporting
The title may not be very sexy, but the content and direction of CMS’s latest fact sheet on information blocking should grab everyone’s attention. As the fact sheet makes clear, in order to qualify for the Merit-based Incentive Payment...

Securely transfer data and simplify interoperability with APIs

Privacy and Security
As discussed by my colleague, Dave Levin MD, in his recent blog post, Liberate Applications with API-Based EMR Integration, application programming interfaces (APIs) allow seamless data exchange and integration into clinical workflows. APIs provide robust, EMR-agnostic integration that rapidly...

No (useful) innovation without EMR integration

A recent Healthcare IT News article highlighted John Halamka, MD, CIO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and his discussion of the need for personalized treatment plans. Halamka suggests we must integrate care planning and clinical pathways tools with...