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API 101 – FHIR: A Standard API for Healthcare

4x4 Health Podcast API 101 API Learning Center Beginner FHIR
We continue our API 101 Series with this 4x4 Health episode featuring Wayne Kubick, the Chief Technology Officer of Health Level Seven (HL7) International. 

Advanced Mobile Communications: A CNO Perspective

4x4 Health Podcast
In this episode, we talk with Nat'e Guyton, Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) of Spok, a global leader in healthcare communications striving to improve care collaboration.

API 101 – An Introduction to APIs

4x4 Health Podcast API Learning Center Beginner
For the first episode of our special API 101 series, we welcome back John Orosco, Co-Founder and CTO of Sansoro Health. John lives and breathes APIs – his expertise helps Sansoro Health connect applications using the Emissary® API platform.

50 Best Resources on EHR Interoperability

EMR Interoperability
For health IT professionals, interoperability is a relatively new idea in the grand scheme of things – but that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t made a massive impact in recent years. Over the past half a decade, EHR interoperability...

API 101: A Layperson’s Guide: Part 2 – APIs and the New Digital Economy

API Learning Center Beginner Thought Leadership
API technology has transformed the digital economy and is now poised to do the same in health IT. But what’s all this APIs stuff really about? How do they work? Why are they better than traditional health care interfaces?

The Power of Patient & Family Engagement

4x4 Health Podcast
In this episode, we talk with Michael O'Neil, CEO and Founder of GetWellNetwork, a Precision Engagement™ healthcare company that engages patients & families while empowering clinicians.

What is FHIR?

The aim of FHIR is to address the growing digitization of the healthcare industry and the need for patient records to be readily "available, discoverable, and understandable." Here's a closer look at FHIR, its potential benefits and challenges.

Air-Traffic Control for Patient Care

4x4 Health Podcast
In this episode, we talk with Angie Franks, CEO and President of Central Logic, about the importance of real-time actionable information in healthcare.