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By Mike Pietig

Every day we hear stories of rising healthcare costs. What if a solution could drive cost savings and add value?

Following my previous Black Friday blog post and continuing the trend of holiday deals and specials, we’re excited to announce the release of our new ROI calculator. This calculator estimates the total cost savings innovative digital health companies can realize for both themselves and their customers when switching from legacy integration solutions (such as HL7 and extracts) to Emissary®, our proven application programming interface (API) solution.

Emissary eliminates the integration barrier with EMRs, significantly reducing time and money. Selling and implementing your solution just got easier.

Sound too good to be true? See how our customers have saved:

  • SCI Solutions shaved their EMR integration time by 65% after switching to Emissary.
  • VigiLanz eliminated the hundreds of hours their customers’ IT department spent building and customizing interfaces. They now offer a “plug-and-play” integration solution.
  • Medical Professor shortened their sale cycle and accelerated their implementation by leveraging a standard and scalable integration approach.

Calculate your EMR integration savings in 3 minutes, it’s that simple.

Let the savings begin. 

Calculate your ROI

Author: Dave Levin


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