Sansoro Health & ClearDATA Partner for Secure and Scalable EHR Integrations

HITRUST certified cloud solution provides both safety and scale

Sansoro Health & ClearDATA Partner for Secure and Scalable EHR Integrations

HITRUST certified cloud solution provides both safety and scale

“Sansoro Health is ideal for organizations that need to deploy an application to streamline a specific workflow, yet don’t want to maintain another server to run the new solution.”

— Rich Walker, IT Director

Case Study Overview

Health care organizations are increasingly looking to extend the capabilities of their core electronic health record (EHR) by deploying new software applications for patient portals,scheduling, unified communications, clinical decision support and many other functions. To get the most out of these digital health applications, data needs to flow seamlessly into and out of the EHR in a secure, HIPAA-compliant way. That’s where Sansoro Health comes in.

Sansoro Health make it easy to design and deploy applications that exchange data with EHRs in real-time. Sansoro Health’s flagship product, Emissary®, is a reusable, rapidly scalable and secure API solution for robust EHR data integration. Emissary’s plug-and-play simplicity takes the burden of integration off busy health IT professionals so they can focus their efforts on more important key initiatives. And Emissary provides a custom integration solution that easily adjusts to software updates.

“Innovative digital health companies want to focus on building world-class applications, not on building a team of EHR integration subject-matter experts. But they do have to find a way to integrate to their customers’ EHR systems—all with a high level of security,” says Mike Pietig, Customer Success Officer and co-founder at Sansoro Health. “With Emissary, we provide a way to make EHR integration less expensive, faster, easily scaled and highly secure.”

EMR Integration: 


The Integration Challenge

Health IT applications are usually deployed in one of two ways: on local application servers that are kept on-premise or in remotely hosted servers in the public cloud. Increasingly, just as in other industries, the cloud is becoming the preferred option. However, hosting these applications in the cloud requires specialized health care expertise and a keen knowledge of security and privacy regulations designed to safeguard Protected Health Information (PHI).

“We are getting more requests from our partners who don’t want to be in the hosting business and are looking to Sansoro Health to provide an all-in-one solution that covers both health care managed services and integration of their application to EHRs,” says Rich Walker, IT Director for Sansoro Health. “To meet those needs, we wanted to partner with an expert in health care managed services and compliance.” Thus, began Sansoro Health’s search for a cost-effective partner with an exclusive healthcare focus and adherence to HIPAA and HITRUST standards. The solution also had to be rock solid and based on a scalable cloud infrastructure such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The Solution

After considering several alternatives, Sansoro Health chose ClearDATA; running on AWS. “We found ClearDATA through a reference and we immediately saw there was strong alignment,” says Pietig. “The cost was right, and we knew that ClearDATA on AWS could keep up with our aggressive growth goals. We also knew that ClearDATA would stand behind its technology, offer HIPAA and HITRUST protection, and protect PHI.”

Sansoro Health Emissary enables customers to:

  • Scale rapidly with turnkey integration across EHRs
  • Exchange data in a secure, HITRUST environment without storing PHI
  • Integrate once, freeing busy IT staff to focus on other high-priority needs
  • Streamline integration workflows for maximum efficiency in real-time

“Sansoro Health has a seamless experience and superb support. There have been no connectivity challenges.”

— Mike Pietig, Customer Success Officer, Sansoro Health


Sansoro Health, in partnership with ClearDATA, can provide the turn- key, all-in-one solution customers want and need when it comes to cloud hosting. With its exclusive health care focus and in-depth security expertise, ClearDATA puts Sansoro Health’s customers at ease about health care managed services and compliance safeguards. Combine this world-class health care cloud expertise with Sansoro Health’s plug-and- play EHR interoperability and you have a powerful solution that rapidly deploys and scales to provide integration for many of the largest EHR systems. “Patient data and security breaches are in the news every day,” says Pietig. “By working with ClearDATA, we can allay those concerns. ClearDATA’s HITRUST certification put them top of our list.”

Sansoro Health’s customers receive several benefits in terms of cost savings and reduced time to market. A provider of scheduling software for hospitals and clinics could, for example, leverage Emissary to immediately make direct updates from the clinics’ scheduling information to the EHR, updating and creating new patients and new registration events. Emissary passes data from the scheduling application to the hospital EHR and back, all in a secure, HITRUST-certified environment provided by ClearDATA.

“Sansoro Health is ideal for organizations that need to deploy an application to streamline a specific workflow, yet don’t want to maintain another server to run the new solution,” says Walker.

Sansoro Health, with ClearDATA, makes life easier for health systems’ IT departments. It is not uncommon for many of these departments to have a nine to 18-month backlog of integration projects they have  to complete. Sansoro Health can deliver a superior integration solution faster – often in a matter of weeks. The entire process is streamlined and efficient because the IT staff no longer has to set up and maintain another on-site server, freeing up their time to focus on other high priority needs.

Sansoro Health has a seamless experience and superb support. “There have been no connectivity challenges,” says Pietig. “We’re seeing health care evolve and be more open to the benefits of the cloud, and ClearDATA is the answer. There is no doubt: we would not have closed a key account without the health care compliance solution ClearDATA brings to the table.”


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