Real-Time Doctor-Patient Collaboration Results in Better Health Outcomes

Sansoro Health’s EHR integration helps Oneview deliver improved patient communication and workflow

Real-Time Doctor-Patient Collaboration Results in Better Health Outcomes

Sansoro Health’s EHR integration helps Oneview deliver improved patient communication and workflow

“The Sansoro Health team alleviated the need to have a dedicated internal resource to set up the point-to-point integration, Their team was highly responsive to our unique requests and demonstrated a great deal of initiative to anticipate and resolve potential issues.”

— Larissa Mason, Director of Consulting Services

Case Study Overview

OneviewThe innovative solutions Oneview provides are used by health systems to engage with patients and enhance clinical outcomes. Oneview’s inpatient and outpatient solutions have been named #1 by Black Book Research for two consecutive years. Health systems deploy Oneview to help patients stay informed and engaged with their treatment plans and streamline health system workflow. With 150 employees and offices in Dublin, Ireland, Chicago, Dubai, Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, Oneview is poised to help enhance patient engagement around the world.

With Emissary, Oneview helped Sydney Children’s:

  • Increase funding capture by 10%
  • Improve patient engagement via self service tools

EMR Integration: 


The Challenge

In 2016, Oneview began to work with Sydney Children’s Hospital Network to integrate the health system’s mobile application supplied by Oneview Connect. The app was designed to help patients and their families access their personal electronic health records (EHRs) and stay engaged and informed about their individual care plans. But integrating the new app with Sydney Children’s data network proved difficult.

“In order for patients to connect with and schedule doctor visits, access their health records and do what they needed to get the best care, the app needed to function in real time and be able to both push and pull data,” said Larissa Mason, Director of Consulting Services at Oneview. “In addition, the integration needed to be fast, seamless and. low-cost.”

Oneview turned to Sansoro Health and used Emissary® to accelerate integration and make the mobile app fully functional for patients and clinicians.

The Solution

Emissary is a proven application programming interface (API) technology that seamlessly integrates with third-party applications to manage data. It powers real-time EHR integration for better workflows and outcomes.

Working with Oneview, Sansoro Health quickly solved the challenges of connecting the mobile app to Sydney Children’s network so patients and physicians could easily access, update and share information.

Sansoro Health’s implementation team also provided ongoing support to ensure the app functioned properly from trial phase to full roll out.

Emissary enables applications to exchange data with EHRs so they can deliver streamlined, automated and efficient workflows for a wide range of clinical and administrative functions such as release of information, quality reporting and medical necessity reviews.

The API technology:

  • Retrieves comprehensive patient data in real-time
  • Pulls structured and unstructured data directly from charts
  • Automates data mapping of system codes and configurations

“This app opens the line of secure communication between clinicians and families. Communication between physicians and families is improving and that was our objective all along.”

— Cheryl McCullough, Director of Clinical Integration at Sydney Children’s Hospital Network


Emissary works seamlessly with Oneview’s Connect application to deliver a better user experience, enable push/pull document updates and get Oneview to revenue faster. By moving away from traditional HL7 interfaces to API technology, the integration resulted in a system that delivers real-time collaboration between multiple, diverse data sources. What’s more, the integration took less time to complete for Sydney Children’s IT resources.

Oneview relies on Emissary to retrieve data in a standardized data structure which the Oneview application then stores for easy retrieval by users. For example, patients and their care providers records eliminating the need to manually scan and upload documents or duplicate information.

Since its launch, the app has been used by more than 6,000 Sydney Children’s patients.

OneView chose Sansoro Health for expertise in EHR systems like Cerner and to save time on EHR integrations. And the partnership has produced real results. According to OneView this approach reduced delivery complexity and risk and led to faster time to market.

“The app makes sharing patient health records more secure,” said Ben Williams, Senior Clinical Consultant at Oneview. “Patients no longer have to rely on a doctor or nurse to get a printed discharge summary.”


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