Sansoro Health Joins Forces with Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation to Transform Their IT Ecosystem

Sansoro Health Joins Forces with Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation to Transform Their IT Ecosystem

Case Study Overview

EMR Integration: 


Project Goals

HBFF selected Sansoro Health as its integration partner because Sansoro’s API-based platform, Emissary®, allows health care information to be exchanged securely across major EHR platforms. Its universal API provides a “one and done” approach to EHR integration that deploys and scales rapidly with minimal impact on busy health IT staff.


  • Shift responsibility for building and maintaining the data exchange from HBFF’s internal team to iMedX and Sansoro. This would free up HBFF’s staff to focus on higher-value initiatives while also curtailing costs.
  • Simplify the IT ecosystem by consolidating the number of integration applications used. This would decrease cost and complexity while increasing reliability.
  • Reduce data exposure risk – a key concern, as patient privacy is especially critical to HBFF. Leveraging Emissary’s standard API model, third-party applications access the data they need, when they need it. This would significantly reduce the amount of data stored or moved between applications. In addition, Emissary does not store PHI, eliminating a tempting target for hackers.
  • Enhance HBFF’s ability to incorporate clinical data into a variety of applications used by research, fundraising, and other business services. This supports HBFF’s long-term goal of a single, integrated view of their patients and members.

“I was looking for ways to offload work that could be done by a third-party, so the IT team could work on more strategic initiatives. I knew that if we didn’t consider innovation and changes, we would never make forward progress.”

— Deb Bauman, Chief Information Officer, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation


Partnering With A Vendor

“The integration project was pretty simple for HBFF, but it required iMedX to build out additional infrastructure and work directly with Sansoro,” says Jackie Menier, Senior Manager of Clinical Applications for HBFF. “We really appreciated how willing the two companies were to work together. They did the troubleshooting together so that I didn’t have to be on every call.”

“We were familiar with API integrations, so working with Sansoro’s Emissary wasn’t a foreign concept,” explains Michael King, Director of Client Implementation at iMedX. “Our collaboration went very smoothly, and we made it through without a lot of surprises or setbacks.”


Sansoro’s Emissary solution enabled HBFF to shift responsibility for building and maintaining the integration from their team to iMedX and Sansoro. The install also brought HBFF one step closer to its goal of eliminating the HL7 integration engine.

In addition:

  • HL7 subscription costs were reduced for both HBFF and iMedX.
  • HBFF anticipates significant savings of staff time to support interfaces.These savings are projected to grow as additional applications are added to the enterprise architecture.
  • This install provided iMedX the foundation for a repeatable, scalable integration method that can be deployed at other iMedX customers. Now that iMedX has adapted to Emissary, the company can offer this same “plug-and-play” solution to additional customers.
  • The system has been extremely stable. There have only been a handful of minor service “tickets” and the system has required minimal maintenance.

“The project management from Sansoro was top-notch,” says Menier. “They weren’t just about point-to-point integration; they really wanted to understand our full work flow and help us succeed. There were no integration issues or post go-live support issues with Emissary,” she adds. “Even some of our team members who were originally skeptical came around to seeing that this is a great end product.”


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