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What is HL7?

EMR Interoperability
Health Level-7 (HL7) was created by Health Level Seven International, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing standards for the exchange of electronic health care data. HL7 are a set of international standards used to transfer and share data between...

5 Keys To Simplifying Interoperability In Healthcare

EMR Interoperability
While the health IT sector has made a big impact in terms of facilitating cooperation between electronic health records (EHRs), it still has a way to go with regard to simplifying healthcare interoperability. A research study showed that only...

50 Best Resources on EHR Interoperability

EMR Interoperability
For health IT professionals, interoperability is a relatively new idea in the grand scheme of things – but that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t made a massive impact in recent years. Over the past half a decade, EHR interoperability...