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22 Health IT Experts Reveal the Single Best Way to Simplify Interoperability in Healthcare IT

EMR Interoperability
It’s not hard to see why the seamless exchange of data between applications, providers, and healthcare organizations, known as interoperability, benefits all parties – providers, administration, and patients alike. The availability of relevant, real-time clinical data provides insights that...

4 Reasons Why EHR Interoperability is a Mess (and How to Fix It)

EMR Interoperability
Interoperability is crucial to accessing patient data for proactive care delivery and better outcomes. EHRs and other Health IT (HIT) systems must be able to communicate with each other to support accurate, efficient, and meaningful exchange of clinical data.

3 Common Challenges that Disrupt Clinical Workflow

EMR Interoperability
Despite the wide adoption and implementation of EHR technology (and continued EHR innovation), physicians still encounter challenges that disrupt clinical workflows. Multiple surveys document a handful of underlying problems that hinder productivity and impact providers’ ability to deliver quality...

ONC & CMS Proposed Rules | Part 5: Business Models

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In this article, we will examine how competition unlocks innovation and the possible disruptions the proposed rules may bring for innovation, intellectual property (IP) and supporting business models.