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Let’s put the value back in care

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As medical and pharmacy benefits management grows to promote value-based care (VBC), we need detailed patient clinical information to promote better outcomes at lower costs.

Intellectual Property: Lessons from Shark Tank & Seinfeld

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It seems like everyone is becoming a healthcare entrepreneur: from Amazon and Apple to health systems with dedicated innovation teams to two women in a garage inventing the next great thing. Investors are fueling this trend with record levels...

Securely transfer data and simplify interoperability with APIs

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As discussed by my colleague, Dave Levin MD, in his recent blog post, Liberate Applications with API-Based EMR Integration, application programming interfaces (APIs) allow seamless data exchange and integration into clinical workflows. APIs provide robust, EMR-agnostic integration that rapidly...

APIs: The right prescription for cybersecurity

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The number and variety of cybersecurity threats - from the hacking of Democratic National Committee (DNC) email servers to ransom-ware attacks on healthcare organizations – is on the rise. In a recent blog post, Dr. Karen DeSalvo, Acting Assistant...