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REST Easy Integrating Healthcare Applications

Thought Leadership
Moving to the web for integration between third-party applications and EHR systems will require moving EHR APIs from behind the firewall to the wilds of the Internet. It's no delicate transition and forces you to think differently about the APIs your...

Norman Doors and Healthcare IT

Thought Leadership
When it comes to Norman Doors, the real shame lies with the designer who failed to account for basic human factors. Far too many HIT applications reflect a disregard for basic principles of human factors engineering.

Straight Talk About FHIR

FHIR Thought Leadership
There is a misbelief that FHIR is going to provide a rapid path to robust interoperability between third-party applications and EHRs. It’s vital we address those misconceptions and mitigate the risks posed by the hype.

VA-DoD: Winning the (ongoing) battle for interoperability

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Pursuit of a broad, robust, API-based approach to interoperability will be crucial to delivering on the promise of world-class care that our active military, veterans and their families deserve.