Cloud Compliance Solutions

Years of compliance expertise to help you navigate HIPAA and HITRUST with ease.

You have complex problems. We have a family of powerful compliance solutions. Powerful when used on their own but meant to work together, our products and solutions address your most pressing challenges.

A proven compliance solution

Compliance on the cloud isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of challenge. Maybe you don’t have the expertise, time, and resources to build your own compliant infrastructure and want a solution that picks up where your cloud provider leaves off. Or, maybe you do and just need help with compliance monitoring and reporting for your complex environments. Wherever you are on the road to healthcare compliance, we can help.

Cloud Compliant Management System (CCMS)

Know the precise compliance state of your cloud environments

You have building your compliant apps and infrastructure covered, but continuously maintaining and monitoring compliance of your complex environment may be beyond you. The CCMS is an easy-to-use SaaS tool that uses modern APIs to monitor and assess the configuration state of your favorite cloud services.

Uniquely designed to fit the specific requirements of healthcare compliance

  • Only solution with built in policies and procedures designed to meet the needs of regimes like HIPAA, HITRUST, GDPR, and GxP.
  • Only continuous monitoring tool to focus on checking specific compliance controls.
  • Only solution that helps developers with the most important part of compliance: proving it. Unique features make attestation easier.
  • Only compliance solution to focus on the post- cloud era, working hand-in-hand with the managed services on top of cloud providers that you want to use. It is not a VM or host-based.
  • CCMS leaves security implementation up to you, just the way you like it: pick the tools you want to use and solve security your way. We’ll then check to ensure it is compliant.

Compliant Platform as a Service (CPaaS)

We take on compliance risks—so your team can focus on what it does best.
Build and deploy a digital health application on a compliant hosted platform

Emerging digital health products need to demonstrate compliance and security credibility from day one and need a fast and simple way to start without taking on the burden of compliance.

The tools you need

The web dashboard gives access to logs, performance statistics, cluster management, key variables and other info.

Command Line Interface (CLI)

The Datica CLI gives engineers access to the control they need, with the tools they are used to.

Compliant Kubernetes Service (CKS)

Get enterprise scalability on a compliant Kubernetes cluster

As your apps and services scale so does your need for orchestration and control. You now have the resources to take on more of the compliance responsibility yourself. If you’re working within a regulated industry like healthcare, you have almost zero options when it comes to using Kubernetes — either you manage the control plane, the operating system, and the underlying infrastructure to maintain the flexibility required for compliance, or you risk falling out of compliance by using an existing managed service.

Core compliance

With the underlying infrastructure, operating system, and control plane locked down, CKS delivers an experience that feels like a standard Kubernetes cluster, but one that gets you HIPAA, HITRUST CSF, GxP, GDPR, and more, with no additional configuration or work on your end.

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Tried and tested

Complete alignment – no gaps

We help you comply with multiple compliance frameworks


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