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Sansoro Health's Emissary plug-and-play solution helps innovative applications rapidly deploy with minimal impact on IT resources.

Stressed Guy about EMR Integration

EMR Integration Knowledge

You set out to build the next cool application to improve healthcare. Along the way you learned that integrating with an EMR is difficult, time consuming and expensive. Does your integration team rival the size of your product team? Are you developing and maintaining countless different interfaces? Emissary changes all that.

Our “build once, roll many” approach gets you up and running in days by providing a standard set of APIs that work the same way across all the EMRs we support. Emissary allows you to focus on your product – not lengthy EMR integration projects. Get back to doing the cool stuff and let Emissary handle the integration. See more about the Emissary plug-and-play API solution.  

Health IT Sales Cycle

Sales and Implementation Cycles 

Engaging with a busy health systems’ IT department can be a challenge when your application requires EMR integration. Your customer is excited and everyone is ready to go – except IT.  Faced with overwhelming demand, the typical integration team has a months-long queue of patient safety, regulatory and other initiatives ahead of yours. And that’s before they spend several months building your interfaces. Then there’s the added challenge of going back to ask again every time you need more data to enhance your application.

Emissary’s plug-and-play API solution can shave up to 80% off your integration time. Emissary lets you skip the queue, get to revenue faster and make your customers happy sooner. See more about the Emissary plug-and-play API solution.  

EMR Upgrades

EMR Upgrades

EMR upgrades and local customizations are constant challenges that normally require significant interface testing and support. But not with Emissary. Our APIs are designed from the start to be relatively immune to EMR upgrades, patches and local customization. And we stay in front of changes making sure we understand and support the latest technology so you don’t have to. See more about the Emissary plug-and-play API solution.