EHR & EMR Integration Solutions

Seamless sharing of data across EHR & EMR systems

Manual data entry is a major pain point for clinicians. It’s time-consuming, not to mention, it takes valuable time away from patient care. Yet poor EHR and EMR integration means manual data entry is often a reality, and sometimes, it’s necessary to enter the same data in multiple systems. Not only are providers frustrated with these inefficient and costly tasks – such as manually transferring records to another provider – but they hinder staff productivity, ultimately having a negative impact on the patient experience.

Sharing data readily between systems is the obvious solution, but variances in how vendors implement HL7 standards mean that not all systems integrate seamlessly with one another – until now. Emissary’s proven API solution allows the seamless exchange of information between EHR and EMR systems, opening up more software choices for providers while freeing up software developers to focus on product development instead of dedicating their resources to building custom interfaces for every EHR. With turnkey integration across EHRs, Emissary supports rapid scalability for growing organizations.


  • Supports bi-directional workflow interaction between third-party applications and EHRs with extensive, on-demand read-write capabilities.
  • Advanced authentication and encryption to ensure PHI security.
  • Customers implement 80% faster, reducing the IT burden and cutting costs.

Removing integration barriers for better outcomes

Remove the lengthy barriers of application integration

Emissary liberates third-party application integration for health IT innovators. Rather than devoting most of your resources to integration efforts, Emissary allows software developers to focus on product development – building more useful features and functionality. With Emissary, you only need to code the application once, and it’s ready to connect to EHRs.

  • Real-time APIs and a unified data model standardizes EHR integration.
  • No need to build custom interfaces for every EHR.
  • Turnkey integration across EHRs for rapid scalability.

Emissary also provides tools for managing and monitoring your environment, including advanced security and auditing functionality.

Support provider collaboration

EHR & EMR integration with Emissary supports collaborative care models by making it possible for providers from different departments – even different organizations – to seamlessly exchange important patient data in real-time. Emissary provides real-time, read-write EHR interactions across complete patient demographics and clinical data, and the ability to retrieve both structured and unstructured patient chart data in real-time – including the ability to pull data for multiple patients with one call. Clinicians can update patient records with data points, full-color graphic reports, and more, and Emissary allows third-party applications to provide real-time surveillance of relevant clinical data with any analytics workflow. Providers caring for the same patient have vital information at their fingertips, even across disparate systems, supporting clinical decision-making like never before.

Improve the patient experience

Patients receiving care from multiple providers are often frustrated by delays caused by the need to copy and fax records from one provider to another. Not only is this frustrating for the patient, but it also hinders staff productivity. Emissary’s EHR and EMR integration solution eliminates these barriers to the prompt delivery of patient care by eliminating the need for these manual, time-consuming tasks. When integrated with a HIPAA-compliant patient portal or website, Emissary improves the patient experience further by enabling patients to schedule appointments or pay medical bills online – without the hassles of mailed bills and phone calls with lengthy hold times. And because Emissary provides clinicians with the real-time access to relevant patient data necessary for better clinical decision making, patients benefit from higher quality care and better outcomes.

A proven API solution that unleashes EHR & EMR integration

3 custom EHR & EMR integration solutions in a single platform

Emissary Chart Retrieval

Emissary Chart Retrieval provides an automated, efficient workflow for labor-intensive administrative functions. With Emissary Chart Retrieval, you can pull structured and unstructured medical records data in real-time, eliminating outdated, manual chart retrieval processes. No more printing, scanning, copying, and faxing – and no more delays getting the data you need to make informed clinical decisions.

Emissary Analytics

Emissary Analytics supports real-time, read-write EHR interactions across complete patient demographics and clinical data. Retrieve both structured and unstructured patient chart data in real-time – and even pull data for multiple patients with one call. With Emissary Analytics, you can update patient charts with data points and full-color graphic reports, and enable third-party applications to provide real-time surveillance of relevant clinical data with any analytics workflow.

Emissary Interactive

Retrieve complete patient chart data, including both structured and unstructured data, in real-time with Emissary Interactive. With expansive read-write integration, Emissary Interactive supports sophisticated data exchange with EHRs, as well as bi-directional workflow interaction between EHRs and third-party applications.

Why Emissary?

Before Emissary, healthcare providers were faced with either limiting their choices for new software to those that integrate with their existing systems, or waiting for months for the necessary interfaces to be built. Emissary’s proven API solution allows for the seamless exchange of information across any EHR platform, eliminating concerns about integration between providers working in different departments or for different healthcare organizations who may be using disparate systems. With advanced authentication and encryption, Emissary ensures PHI security, eliminating regulatory compliance concerns that come with the sharing of patient data.


  • Emissary provides real-time access to patient data to support better clinical decision-making.
  • Eliminates manual, inefficient data entry tasks, freeing up clinicians to devote more time to patient care and improving staff productivity, resulting in a better patient experience.
  • Turnkey integration across EHRs allows for rapid scalability and eliminates barriers to collaborative patient care.
  • Customers implement Emissary 80% faster, reducing the IT burden and resulting in significant cost savings.

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