Emissary® Chart Retrieval

Unleashing EHR integration.

Emissary Chart Retrieval powers swift integration with an EHR to flexibly pull medical records information – including both structured and unstructured data. It enables streamlined, automated and efficient workflow for labor-intensive administrative functions such as release of information, quality reporting and medical necessity reviews.

  • Retrieve comprehensive patient data in real-time
  • Pull structured and unstructured data directly from chart
  • Automate data mapping of system codes and configurations

Medical records requests

Millions of times every day, clinical and administrative teams spend countless hours pulling voluminous patient records. Why? Because today’s process is outdated and manual, requiring data entry into multiple systems, printing, copying, faxing and scanning. This results in incomplete records and reporting at a cost of millions of dollars every day. Copy. Print. Fax. Scan. Repeat. Using outdated technology and processes in a modern world will not advance healthcare. Ever.

We deliver a better way. By leveraging Emissary Chart Retrieval – you streamline patient chart requests by pulling structured and unstructured data directly from the EHR. Electronically. Seamlessly. Securely. Get (only) the data you need, when you need it – by integrating directly with an EHR.

Forgo the fax (and punt the printer)

Fax machines have disappeared across industries, except in healthcare. The archaic fax machine is outdated, inefficient, time consuming, error prone and expensive. Sansoro Health gives you a better way. Pairing your application with Emissary enables you to pull needed data and automate chart requests, making the possibilities limitless. By eliminating paper and reducing labor, you save time and money, deliver more accurately and create unparalleled value.

Accelerate innovation

Application programing interfaces (APIs) make it possible for big services like Google Maps or Amazon Echo to let other programs access limited information, easily and securely. Sansoro Health does the same for healthcare. By turning EHR systems into open platforms, Emissary enables secure sharing of information with your application – so you move to the front of the IT queue and deliver value swiftly.

Emissary Solutions

The Emissary software platform provides solutions across the administrative, clinical and analytics spectrum for health IT innovators. Emissary securely delivers robust data exchange with, reliable, agile and economical performance. These qualities animate our philosophy and are embedded in our products.

Features of other Emissary platform solutions include:

Emissary advantage

Reduce costs

Eliminate traditional custom interface development and maintenance costs and reduce EHR vendor interface fees.

Turnkey scalability

Scale rapidly and seamlessly with standard, interchangeable APIs for major EHRs.

Save time

Complete integration in days – dramatically reducing the burden on health system’s busy IT staff.

Strengthen security

Remove the need to replicate EHR data in separate databases, greatly improving security and reducing privacy concerns.


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