Emissary® – Keep data in motion

Emissary helps you implement effortlessly, innovate brilliantly, deliver value swiftly and scale confidently.

Why should health data exchange be so inefficient and costly, when information is easily – even instantaneously – accessible in almost all other aspects of our modern lives?

Emissary is a proven API solution

Emissary is a proven application programming interface (API) solution that allows healthcare information to be exchanged across any EHR platform – while ensuring the utmost security for PHI.

Modern times call for modern measures. Emissary allows you to focus on your product – not on the integration. Within days, you are up and running with comprehensive APIs that work across EHRs.

One software platform – three solutions

Not all APIs are created equal – quality matters

At Sansoro Health, we know great APIs must be robust, reliable, secure, agile and economical. These qualities animate our philosophy and are embedded in our products. As demonstrated in other industries, high quality APIs are rapidly and widely adopted leading to a rise in API quantity. More importantly, they enable a more efficient approach to innovation.

Supported EHRs

Emissary Chart Retrieval

Emissary Chart Retrieval powers swift integration with an EHR to flexibly pull medical records information – including both structured and unstructured data. It enables streamlined, automated and efficient workflow for labor-intensive administrative functions such as release of information, quality reporting and medical necessity reviews.

Key features:
  • Retrieve comprehensive patient data in real-time
  • Pulls structured and unstructured data directly from chart
  • Automate data mapping of system codes and configurations

Emissary Analytics

Emissary Analytics delivers efficient real-time read and write EHR interaction across complete patient demographics and clinical data. It enables your application to provide real-time surveillance of clinically relevant data with any analytics workflow.

Ideal for advanced clinical analytics and decision support functions, where traditional integrations and data extracts create high implementation burdens.

Key features:
  • Retrieves comprehensive patient chart data in real-time – both structured and unstructured
  • Pull data from multiple patients with one call
  • Write clinical observations and documents back to EHRs, updating patient records with discrete data points or even a full-color graphic report

Emissary Interactive

Emissary Interactive powers sophisticated and comprehensive data exchange with the EHR. Expansive read and write integration supports high performance bi-directional workflow interaction between third-party applications and EHRs. Emissary enables you to improve user satisfaction and ultimately, patient outcomes. Well-suited for complex functions such as unified communications, patient engagement and clinician workflow improvement.

Key features:
  • Retrieve comprehensive patient chart data in real-time – both structured and unstructured
  • Pull data from multiple patients with one call
  • Empower immersive clinical workflows through extensive, on-demand read and write capabilities

Emissary – the most advanced technology for healthcare interoperability

Case Study

Real-Time Doctor-Patient Collaboration Results in Better Health Outcomes

Sansoro Health’s EHR integration helps Oneview deliver improved patient communication and workflow.

Case Study

Enhanced Data Integration Delivers Efficiencies to Telepharmacy Solution

PipelineRx uses Sansoro Health’s APIs to streamline access to real-time EHRs and improve patient safety


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