Last updated: 9/20/18

Last summer, three students—Aman Khalid, Jordan Loomis and Ethan Haezebroeck—joined the Sansoro Health team as interns for the development team. Sansoro Health’s downtown Minneapolis office is a fast-paced, all-hands-on-deck environment, the kind of place where even interns get to experience the excitement of solving problems, building applications and debugging programs.

“You have to be adaptable to work here,” says Sansoro Health IT director Rich Walker, who manages the summer intern program. “Being a small business, we need to be nimble and capable of shifting gears quickly. No one day is like another. Even when you think you have a plan, you’ll get a curve ball and find yourself diving into a different project to meet a customer’s need or to help out a colleague.”

Collaboration is key to success in such a fluid environment. People have to work together—even interns. “If something goes wrong,” Walker says. “We don’t look around to see where to pin the blame. Instead, we all pitch in to figure out how to fix it. We’re transparent.”

It’s not all work and no play at Sansoro Health, however. The staff enjoys each other outside the office as well, whether it’s attending a Minnesota Twins baseball game or meeting for happy hour after hitting a benchmark on a tough project. What did our interns think of the Sansoro Health environment? They gave their experience high marks and cited the following six things as benefits of working at the company.

1. You’ll get to know people who are passionate about their profession.

“I chose Sansoro Health because of the people,” says Ethan Haezebroeck, currently a student in computer science at Arizona State University. “I connected with  John Orosco, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), a few months before my internship to talk about health care and computer science in general. His passion for what he did was evident and contagious. I chose Sansoro Health because John made me passionate about health care.”

2. You’ll learn technical skills and applicable languages.

“I learned how to use Flask, a python library, and React, a JavaScript library,” says Jordan Loomis, who studies web and mobile computing at the Rochester Institute of Technology, New York. “Both are tools to help develop webpages; I am excited to put both on my resume.” She also coded in Python, HTML, CSS and JavaScript in Visual Studio Code. Other interns worked with Emissary APIs and front-end applications.

3. You’ll put your knowledge to use and stretch yourself.

Aman Khalid recently began his senior year of high school at North Allegheny Senior High in Pittsburgh and will be applying for early decision at the Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science this fall. “From a programming aspect, I was amazed by how much flexibility is required,” Aman says. “Despite the majority of my programming experience being in Java, I found myself working in various JavaScript libraries I had never used before.” The Sansoro Health internship introduced Jordan to professional and collegial collaboration and communication. “We had to learn how to combine our ideas with those of our coworkers,” she says. “We had to develop problem-solving tactics. But we managed to get things done and still have a good time.”

4. You may get a crash-course in development.

My supervisor organized a developer summit for the interns. It was a day of interns collaborating on a project written in React, which was new to many of us at the time,” Aman says. “Along with learning React, we spent hours correcting each other’s mistakes and realizing our own in the process. There was a lot of laughing, but it was all in good spirit. For me, that day epitomized Sansoro Health’s warm work culture.”

5. You’ll learn business and team-building skills that can serve you in any field.

The Sansoro Health internship was a great opportunity to learn various programming languages, Aman says. “I also learned that in order to succeed as a software engineer, one must be able to experiment with new things and accept failure as an opportunity to try something else.”

Ethan absorbed elements of the business culture that inspired him. “I took so much away about how a business should be run,” he says. “I aspire to be an entrepreneur myself, and I took so many notes of the great business practices I witnessed at Sansoro Health.” And at the end of the day, Jordan says, the work was successful because the Sansoro Health team functioned well together—listening and learning from each other, even with the interns. “I learned how team-building skills can go a long way in enhancing productivity,” Jordan says.

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