Legacy Data: EMR Solutions 

Migrating to a new EMR used to involve an agonizing debate over what information was worth converting: clinicians wanted as much data as possible, IT teams had limited resources and time, and the CFO was worried about keeping costs down. All too often, the result was a compromise that left key data behind and everyone dissatisfied – until now. 

Emissary’s legacy data solution creates a win-win scenario for everyone. Combining powerful APIs with an elegant browse-able viewer, Emissary delivers a real-time view of legacy data at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches. Clinicians can now access the information when they need it from within their new EMR, IT staff can devote their time to more valuable tasks and the CFO can be assured of lower costs and higher performance. With Emissary, no one gets left behind. See more about the Emissary plug-and-play solution. 



Growth through mergers and acquisitions have left many health systems dealing with multiple EMRs or different instances of a single EMR. With today’s proliferation of applications data is siloed, support teams and budgets are stretched thin, and communication within and across the organization is challenged. Given the continuing industry consolidation and the high cost of “ripping and replacing” EMRs, there is no better time to optimize and rationalize an IT ecosystem.  

Emissary uses a unique EMR-agnostic approach to provide more than 70 powerful EMR integration APIs that work the same way across multiple EMRs. No longer do health systems need to rip and replace. With Emissary, you can pick the best applications for your organization and deploy them rapidly and seamlessly across your different EMRs. Now you have a platform that integrates disparate systems, devices, tools and applications to deliver cost savings, accelerate adoption, drive improved health and increase competitiveness. See more about the Emissary plug-and-play solution. 

IT Resource Optimization


Visit any busy health care system and you will likely find a long list of projects waiting in line for EMR integration. It’s not unusual to sit in the queue for months only to spend more months building expensive, hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind interfaces. The continuously growing demand for applications and functionality means this backlog will only get worse. Traditional approaches are just too hard, take too long and are not reusable or readily scaled.

Emissary solves this dilemma by providing a robust set of integration APIs that industrialize EMR integration. Applications designed to use Emissary are plug-and-play across the supported EMR platforms and installations can be done in a day. Emissary dramatically reduces the burden on IT teams while speeding up deployment of applications that require EMR integration. Emissary allows you to bypass the queue. See more about the Emissary plug-and-play solution. 


Clinical Decision Support

Moving from paper records to EMRs was supposed to deliver on the promise of using clinical decision support (CDS) to improve quality, safety and efficiency. But many would agree we have yet to fulfill that promise. Effective, powerful CDS requires robust real-time data and must meet the “five rights” test of delivering the right information to the right person in the right format, channel and workflow. Integrating sophisticated CDS applications with EMRs is a breeze with Emissary. Our APIs both read and write data in real-time. With Emissary, it’s never been easier to get CDS “right”. See more about the Emissary plug-and-play solution. 

Patient Engagement with Healthcare APIs

Patient Engagement

Today’s patients have choices and it is likely to only get more competitive. Healthcare providers must look at their patients with a consumer lens. How can you help your patients to better engage with their doctor, clinic, lab, pharmacy. They want to own their health and healthcare data and they simply don’t care what EMR or application it is stored in. 

An API solution can integrate all the healthcare data for real-time results so you can build better patient portals and give patients what they want: easily schedule appointments, send RX refills, request records, share data with outside providers and much, much more.  See more about the Emissary plug-and-play solution.