Healthcare API Solutions

Solving interoperability challenges with healthcare API solutions

APIs make it possible for two software applications to connect, communicate, and collaborate. Providing a secure channel for transmitting data, APIs are widely used in other industries, relying on data interchange formats (objects) that humans can easily read and write, and conversely, that machines can easily generate and parse. Because they use a standard format to communicate, the applications don’t need to know or understand the data structures or inner-workings of the apps they’re communicating with. The API format is flexible and extensible, providing a path for future development while preserving history for compatibility.

In the healthcare industry, API solutions solve interoperability challenges. Variances in how vendors implement HL7 standards and poor HL7 data semantics that otherwise lead to misinterpretation no longer matter. Healthcae API solutions allow for the seamless sharing of data across systems, supporting better care collaboration among providers from different departments –  and even across healthcare systems.

Overcoming integration hurdles with healthcare API solutions

Eliminate time-consuming, costly integration hurdles

Before healthcare API solutions, integration was a primary pain point for developers and healthcare organizations. Apps that lacked integration weren’t viable in the market, yet dedicating the necessary resources to integration meant sacrificing the development of better features and functionality. With healthcare API solutions, there’s no need to wait for custom interfaces to be coded for each EHR, eliminating the costly, time-consuming IT demands for integration projects. With Emissary’s healthcare API solution, you’ll:

  • Only need to code the application once, and it’s ready to connect to EHRs.
  • Standardize EHR integration with real-time APIs and a unified data model.
  • Support rapid scalability with turnkey integration across EHRs.

What’s more, healthcare API solutions improve the provider and patient experience, resulting in better quality care. For instance, using APIs to integrate patient portals with the EHR allows patients to schedule appointments and pay bills online – which is far more efficient than spending valuable time on hold with the billing or scheduling department.

Streamlined integration for vendors

Vendors never again need to worry about integration projects consuming your budget. With Emissary, there’s no need to build custom interfaces for every EHR. Code the application once, and it’s ready to connect to any EHR. That means you can devote more valuable resources to building out better features and functionality – and bringing higher-quality applications to the market.

Better usability for providers

Interoperability challenges are a thing of the past thanks to Emissary’s healthcare API solution. With Emissary, collaboration across departments or even healthcare systems is seamless, eliminating time-consuming manual tasks such as copying and faxing patient records. Offering real-time, read-write capabilities across complete patient demographics and clinical data, Emissary puts crucial patient information at providers’ fingertips – improving both the speed and quality of healthcare delivery.

Emissary’s proven healthcare API solution

A single platform with three custom healthcare API solutions

Emissary Chart Retrieval

Providing swift EHR integration, Emissary Chart Retrieval allows you to flexibly pull medical records information, including both structured and unstructured data. With Emissary Chart Retrieval, you’ll streamline manual, labor-intensive administrative functions such as information release, medical necessity reviews, and even quality reporting through real-time, comprehensive patient data retrieval, automated data mapping of system codes and configurations, and more.

Emissary Analytics

Offering real-time, efficient read and write EHR interaction across complete patient demographics and clinical data, Emissary Analytics makes it possible for your application to provide real-time surveillance of clinically relevant data – with any analytics workflow. With Emissary Analytics, you can retrieve comprehensive patient chart data, including both structured and unstructured data, in real-time, pull data from multiple charts with just one call, and even write clinical documents and observations back to EHRs.

Emissary Interactive

Offering sophisticated, comprehensive data exchange with EHRs, Emissary Interactive provides expansive read-write integration to support bi-directional workflow interaction between EHRs and third-party applications. With Emissary Interactive, you’ll improve not only the user experience, but also clinical outcomes. With extensive, on-demand read and write capabilities, Emissary Interactive is ideal for complex functions like unified communications, patient engagement, and more.

Why Emissary?

Emissary’s healthcare API solution enables the exchange of information across any EHR platform while ensuring PHI security and providing tools for managing and monitoring the environment. By leveraging universal APIs and a unified data model for standardized EHR integration, Emissary allows vendors to focus on product and feature development, rather than dedicating vast resources to integration. Plus:

  • With Emissary, you’ll only need to code your application once – there’s no need to build custom interfaces for every EHR.
  • Customers implement up to 80% faster to be up and running in days, thanks to a reduced IT burden.
  • Turnkey integration across EHRs supports rapid scalability.



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