Integration Solutions

Finally, platforms for accessing health data with speed without compromising security.

Emissary gives you the tools to go beyond traditional integration methods

Compliant Managed Integration (CMI) provides the utmost security to traditional data exchange (HL7v2, FHIR, DICOM)

Integrating healthcare information systems doesn’t need to be difficult, time consuming, and expensive. With Emissary & CMI you focus on your product – not on the integration.

The Emissary Platform

Emissary provides a robust set of REST APIs that read and write to EHRs through EHR vendor-supported software modules. It standardizes EHR integration through universal real-time APIs and a unified data model. To connect to an EHR, health IT developers code once to Emissary’s universal API. Emissary also provides tools to assist with the monitoring and management of the environment, including advanced security and auditing features.

Emissary is the champion for health IT innovators

Save time:

Customers implement 80% faster, dramatically reducing the burden on IT staff.

Slash costs:

Cut integration efforts by as much as 75%.

Streamline processes:

Automate workflows for maximum efficiency.

Support any platform:

Scale rapidly with turnkey integration across EHRs.

Secure data:

Protect real-time data exchange with advanced authentication and encryption.

Solve problems:

Deliver the right information to the right person in the best possible application.

Compliant Managed Integration

HL7 solutions

HL7v2 is the most widely adopted means of integration in health care. We can help you integrate to any EHR using our solution, which is built on a solid foundation of continuous HIPAA compliance.

FHIR solutions

We will transform HL7 messages into FHIR messages to help keep things standard for you across implementations. We have many predesigned channels ready to go while maximizing compliance and security.

Other integration standards

Need even more structured data from EHRs? No worries – we’ve got you covered. Get HL7 CDA, DICOM, x12 and more without compromising on scalability or security.

The full suite of integration tooling you need to successfully complete an integration project with a clinical site.

Connect to any EHR or system

You’ll never have to think twice about whether your project will be supported.

Security baked-in from the start

HL7, FHIR, APIs—security is inherently unavailable. We add a security layer to your integration.

Highly available

The hard work to ensuring cloud-based infrastructure is highly available 24/7 is done for you.

True scalability

With a toolset on Datica CKS, integrations scale as you scale.

FHIR-proof your app

The future of healthcare data exchange is FHIR. You are ready for the switch when it happens.

Open source transformations

You own your transformations because we use open source Mirth as the interface engine.

HIPAA compliant infrastructure

Compliance is a requirement for all data exchange. Never worry about it again.

24/7 monitoring

Mission critical data has important uptime requirements. Datica monitors the connection for you.

Example Use Case: Hospital

Full-Stack Data Integration

The mature integration stack considers HIPAA compliance, data security, and redundant backups as core ingredients to a successful integration strategy.

Don’t get caught with infrastructure gotchas as you go from zero-to-one or if you are preparing to scale to hundreds of integrations. Instead, get Datica CMI.

Endless integration solutions

  • Asynchronous Telehealth
  • Synchronous Telehealth
  • Oncology Care Management Solutions
  • Genetic Testing Laboratories & Analytics
  • Provider Secure Messaging & Alarm Management
  • Population Health
  • Patient Engagement

  • Clinical Automation
  • Patient Reported Outcomes (Bundled Payment Management)
  • Medicare Advantage Solutions (HCC management w/patient outreach)
  • Referral Management
  • Patient Care Planning
  • Post-Acute Discharge Placement (SNF and LTAC)
  • Wait List Automation

  • Patient Pre-Registration Urgent Care/ED Triage
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement & Physician Query
  • Orthopedic Implant Providers for Supply Chain Optimization & Instrument Tray Reconfiguration
  • Claims Processing and Claim Audit Tracking Solutions

Supported EHR systems


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