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By John Orosco

I am writing this on my flight back to Des Moines after spending a week in Minneapolis that was both exhausting and very exciting. On Wednesday, we announced the merger of Sansoro Health and Datica and shared what the newly combined Datica company means for the health care market. What followed was a steady dose of phone calls with current customers, prospects, and other industry connections, to further explain the merger. As I head home and wind down this week, I have a moment to reflect, which doesn’t happen often enough (and as my part-time, pro-bono therapist Dr. Dave Levin tells me, I need more reflection time and some meditation). I had an opportunity to reflect not only on the merger, but the past five years of the Sansoro Health journey, which I share with you now.

Mike, Jeremy, Dave, and I formed Sansoro Health in early 2014 to take on the challenges of healthcare integration in a way that was profoundly different than anything done before. We knew it would be hard work but also fulfilling in so many ways, as we aligned our mission to provide integration in a way that allowed for the kind of innovation health care desperately needed. We also worked under a thesis that you could develop a unified platform that normalizes and standardizes how information reads/writes across different EHRs and shields developers from nuances and complexities of the underlying systems they need to integrate with. I’m happy to report our thesis is valid and has been proven successful.

Five years later, Emissary® realizes the dream we had sitting around Jeremy’s dad’s place in Chicago. I’m very proud of the work we’ve done and take extreme pride in the validation we receive from our customers who leverage Emissary to integrate in ways they never could before. Every member of the Sansoro Health team made this a reality and I thank each of them wholeheartedly.

As we analyzed the health care market and discussed what the next several years would bring, it was clear there was an opportunity to further Sansoro’s capabilities.

We’ve known Datica for a long time and were impressed with the company they built, related to secure-cloud hosting coupled with a compliant integration platform. It became clear we could combine forces and offer a comprehensive secure-cloud and integration platform. A platform that will continue to evolve as the industry further embraces standards like HL7® FHIR® and SMART. We are extremely excited about the merger and based on the discussions we’ve had with customers, prospects, investors, health systems, and others, it is clear they share our excitement.

The past few months have been a time of personal reflection for me in terms of the accomplishments (and failures), not only in the last five years, but since I started my career in 1998. As I said before, I have extreme pride in Sansoro’s accomplishments. But, as I take stock in what motivates me every day, it is clear I am drawn to working closely with clients and customers to help them strategize and technically solve their deepest integration challenges. I love diving in with companies and doing day-long (or more) whiteboard sessions to understand their product, unravel the integration touch points, and solve those problems. In some cases, it means being brutally honest and suggesting they do something completely different than they hoped. But regardless, in all cases, this is where I thrive and in essence, is “my calling.”

So, as I look to the future, I have made the decision to go back to my previous company, JASE Health. The day I sat Jeremy and my other partners down to tell them was difficult, but at the same time, very relieving – I am needed elsewhere. The plan is to do a re-boot of JASE Health and work closely with health care companies to solve problems. My wife tells me all the time, “You love solving problems so why don’t you just do that?” She’s right.

My ownership in Datica will remain as will my interest in the success of what we’ve built. Moving forward, JASE will work closely with Datica in promotion of innovative solutions for health care organizations that cover a wide spectrum of use cases.

I am blessed in so many ways and feel fortunate that I get to do what I love every day. I’ve met the most amazing people throughout my career and have received a lot of support for my decision. The future is bright for both Datica and JASE. Let’s get busy…it’s a long road ahead!

Author: John Orosco


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