Sansoro Health and Datica Merge

Bringing The Cloud to Healthcare

Joining forces

Datica evolved in 2019 when Datica Health, Inc. merged with Sansoro Health, Inc.

We now offer the most complete, single platform available to mitigate the complexity and risk of using patient data in the cloud. Datica solves the integration and compliance challenges created by healthcare regulations while simplifying and speeding development processes.

A new strategic vision

It’s no secret that healthcare has increasingly adopted cloud computing technology like machine learning and the internet of things, but what continues to remain an issue for organizations, both large and small, is secure access to digital health data.

By combining forces, Datica and Sansoro Health now offer a solution that simplifies and fast-tracks the development process for those that need a secure, scalable way to integrate data from health IT systems in the cloud.

Our new product suite

Cloud Compliance

Cloud Compliant Management System (CCMS)
Know the precise compliance state of your cloud environments
Compliant Platform as-a-Service (CPaaS)
Build and deploy a digital health application on a compliant hosted platform
Compliant Kubernetes Service (CKS)
Get enterprise scalability for your complex digital health application on a compliant Kubernetes cluster


A custom API solution that allows healthcare information to be exchanged across any EHR platform
Compliant Managed Integration (CMI)
Exchange data securely with any EHR in a scalable fashion via FHIR & HL7

More EHR integration possibilities than ever before

Setting the stage for the future

Accelerating Healthcare’s Transformation to a Data-Driven Future in the Cloud

White paper

Even the most conservative industries understand that they must innovate to stay competitive. Lightly regulated industries move quickly, altering customer expectations, while highly-regulated industries such as healthcare often struggle to incorporate modern applications that spur the transformation required to compete in the new digital business era.

Healthcare faces increased levels of complexity and risk as protected health information (PHI) is typically involved, with the associated obligation to protect that data. The cloud accelerates transformation more than any other technology paradigm today; businesses must adopt the cloud or be disrupted by those that do. However, for highly-regulated industries, the burden of integration and compliance often blocks the innovation necessary to compete.


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