Health care applications can exchange comprehensive, real-time clinical and administrative data with EMRs – seamlessly.

The Emissary Advantage

  Emissary is a set of standard APIs that allows real-time read and write access to EMR data so 3rd parties can develop a quick and secure plug-and-play software solution.  


Emissary turns closed EMR systems into open platforms through robust REST web services that do not rely on HL7 interfaces. It offers a standard set of read and write APIs for real-time data exchange. Built using Microsoft’s modern .NET development stack, Emissary connects to each EMR platform’s standard, licensed modules to deliver a solution that is reusable, rapidly scalable and secure.

Developers code their application only once to the Emissary APIs and they are then ready to connect to any supported EMR. Emissary handles connectivity and normalizes data structures across the major EMR platforms to quickly unlock the data.

Emissary API Diagram

The Emissary Benefit

Saving Time on EMR Integration

Saving Time: Integration with Emissary is often “done in a day” – a small fraction of the time required when using traditional custom interfaces. And it dramatically reduces the burden on a health systems’ busy IT staff.

Reducing Cost with Healthcare APIs

Reducing Costs: Use of web services eliminates traditional custom interface development and maintenance costs and reduces EMR vendor interface fees. Real-time data exchange saves clinicians time and increases the efficiency of clinical workflow.

Increasing Security with Healthcare APIs

Security: Emissary sources data in real-time directly from the EMR and does not persist any EMR data. Unlike other approaches, this architecture eliminates the need to replicate EMR data in a separate database thus greatly reducing security and privacy concerns.

Scalability with Healthcare APIs

Turnkey Scalability: Traditional HL7 interfaces frequently cannot be reused by the software vendor or health system. These “standards” are often customized for each installation. Emissary’s plug-and-play solution delivers standardized, interchangeable APIs for seamless integration across vendors and EMRs.


Accelerate Application Development with the Emissary Sandbox

No EMR Required 

Developing applications that require EMR integration is a big challenge when you don’t have access to an EMR. The sandbox solves this problem by providing a basic EMR that allows your team to enter custom clinical data elements and then code applications to the standard Emissary APIs.