Release of information – systemized

Today’s process for release of information is manual and outdated. Charts are pulled, disassembled and entered into multiple vendor and provider systems, using centralized proprietary print drives.

That’s woefully inefficient and invariably incomplete, risking poor clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. We can show you a better way.

Punt the printer

Emissary platform can automate the release of information chart pull process, ensuring timely access to both structured patient data (labs, meds, diagnostics, observations) and unstructured data (such as provider notes and scans)

Accelerate innovation

Application programming interfaces (APIs) make it possible for big services like Google Maps or Amazon Echo to let other programs access limited information, easily and securely. Sansoro Health does the same for healthcare.

By turning EHR systems into open platforms, Emissary enables sharing of information with your application– so you move to the top of the IT queue, deliver value swiftly and get to revenue faster.

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