Integration Solutions

Unleashing EHR integration.

Sansoro Health provides elegant solutions that remove the painful and lengthy barriers of application integration. We liberate third-party applications for health IT innovators.

Administrative functions

Medical record requests

Millions of times every day, patient chart information must be searched, printed, faxed, and scanned – a painful, inefficient and labor-intensive process. Pairing your application with Emissary automates chart pulls, making the possibilities limitless.

Prior authorization
Streamline prior authorization processes with seamless data exchange. Stop copying charts and retire those fax machines. Reduce costs and boost satisfaction and efficiency for you and your customers.

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Quality reporting
Enhance quality reporting with secure access to robust clinical data. Develop and maintain reports more easily. Rapidly identify opportunities to drive better clinical outcomes. Make routine audits painless.

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Release of information
Automate medical record requests to save time and slash administrative costs. Free up valuable staff time. Please your customers and their patients with better service and improved outcomes.

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Risk adjustment
Take risk adjustment to the next level with rich clinical data — structured and unstructured. Enhance the accuracy of forecasts and the ability to successfully engage in value-based care.

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Clinical and advanced analytics

As a Health IT innovator, you’ve developed a brilliant application that tackles the Triple Aim – improving clinical outcomes, at lower cost, with high patient satisfaction. You have a health system champion and asigned contract, but the project stalls. Faced with overwhelming demand, the integration team has a long queue of initiatives – and may take months to implement your application. Sound familiar?

We understand there is a frustrating, stifling barrier to integrating new solutions with EHRs. Sansoro Health removes that barrier. By leveraging Emissary – our application programming interface (API) software platform – you’re able to focus solely on your application – and not get disrupted on the integration.

Advanced analytics
Boost predictive and advanced analytics capabilities. Integrate comprehensive, real-time clinical and billing data across patient populations. Make workflows seamless and information actionable by putting it directly into the EHR.

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Integration is always the challenge with telehealth. Find out how our proven API software platform takes down barriers that inhibit innovation in telehealth.

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Build and deploy effective surveillance for key clinical or operational initiatives. Now your customers can achieve impactful, real-time clinical decision support and detect, prevent and manage critical situations.

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Clinical workflow and experience

Improve user satisfaction and patient outcomes with intuitive, mobile, and voice-driven interfaces, for which robust, bi-directional, real-time data exchange is essential.


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