APIs that supercharge Telehealth

Every day the power of telehealth grows. Care finally reaches hard-to-reach patients. What stands in the way of telehealth innovation? Integration.

Remove the barrier to integrating telehealth platforms into the clinical workflow – allowing data and innovation to flow freely.

APIs drive telehealth innovation

Telehealth has the power to remove the health IT obstacles of time, access and proximity to care. Already virtual visits and tele-stroke consults are improving lives thanks to telehealth. The potential is great. Until now, so were the obstacles. Not anymore. Emissary®, our proven API solution, enables secure, seamless data exchange between EHRs and leading-edge administration and clinical applications. With that kind of liquid data in hand, imagine the innovation you can accomplish.

Accelerate innovation

Application programming interfaces (APIs) make it possible for big services like Google Maps or Amazon Echo to let other programs access limited information, easily and securely. Sansoro Health does the same for healthcare.

By turning EHR systems into open platforms, Emissary enables sharing of information with your application – so you move to the top of the IT queue, deliver value swiftly and get to revenue faster.

APIs that Supercharge Telehealth


Our CMO, Dave Levin, MD discusses how APIS improve telehealth at ATA18.

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