Last updated: 11/22/17

By Mike Pietig

Black Friday is an exciting time of year, as we look forward to saving money on the newest technology. Chances are the new toys you’re buying – smart TVs, wireless headphones and Amazon Echos, to name a few— are on your list because they are easy to use. We expect these devices to seamlessly integrate with one another without having to worry about frustrating connectivity issues. In a few steps, I can configure my Echo to turn off and on lights, order a pizza or even water the garden.

What makes this integration possible? An amazing data exchange standard called application programming interfaces (APIs). Through an API, a software application can request or command an action with another application. Remember the last time your booked a flight or hotel?  Yep, APIs made that possible.

What ultimately drives us to wait for endless hours in line and battle the chaos of overcrowded retail stores on Black Friday? Knowing we’ll save money. We could save money year-round in healthcare too if we adopt the proven technologies leveraged in other industries. Emissary®, our proven API solution, reduces integration time from months to days, decreases maintenance costs and minimizes security risk.

Since adopting Emissary, our customers have experienced faster implementation and integration than before:

  • Medical Professor accelerated their implementation due to a standard and scalable approach to integration.
  • The Airstrip ONE platform allows clinicians to connect with patient data in real-time, at no cost.

This Black Friday, skip the long lines and overnight camping. That TV will still be there on Cyber Monday. Give us a call and start saving on integrating your applications with EMRs.


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