Last updated: 10/16/18

By Michael Nelson

The power of data is undisputed in health IT. Unlock its secrets and improvements and innovation will follow. But tapping that data is often the most difficult part, right? It takes time, money and personnel—usually in short supply at most organizations.

The stakes are high when it comes to data exchange….

  • The CEO wants a solution that’s quick.
  • The CFO wants a solution that’s low cost.
  • The IT manager wants a solution that doesn’t require half the team to implement.
  • The Product Manager wants to innovate rapidly and deliver a “killer App” experience.

Sansoro Health’s software platform, Emissary®, is the only solution in the marketplace that satisfies all of these requirements—delivering value swiftly and effortlessly while providing a seamless connection between systems that allows you and your customers to tap EHR data for innovation and revenue almost immediately. The benefits of using Emissary go far beyond the immediate savings. Emissary’s robust APIs enhance your application’s performance by supporting expanded features and functions. Emissary can both read and write EHR data in real time and delivers data that legacy solutions can’t match. Need data or functionality not currently available? Sansoro Health’s agile approach means we can develop and deliver new features quickly, so you can innovate rapidly. You focus on building great applications, we handle the “plumbing”.

Emissary Saves Time, Money and Resources, and Enhances Innovation. Discover for yourself with our new online benefits calculator

What could you save—in time, money and resources? What if we told you that you could estimate the savings today? Our online benefits calculator can tell you how much you can save using Emissary. Answer just seven questions and you’ll instantly receive a personalized report outlining your cost, time and resources savings.


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