Hello Emissary. Goodbye data silos.

Emissary makes health data liquid. Lets you innovate brilliantly. Implement effortlessly. Deliver value swiftly. And scale confidently. It allows data to work for you.

The proven API solution

Integrating applications with an EHR doesn’t need to be difficult, time consuming and expensive. With Emissary you focus on your product – not on the integration. A standard set of APIs that work across EHRs gets you live in a flash.

How does Emissary middleware work?

Emissary provides a robust set of REST APIs that read and write to EHRs through EHR vendor-supported software modules. It standardizes EHR integration through universal real-time APIs and a unified data model. To connect to an EHR, health IT partners code once to the Emissary APIs. Emissary also provides tools to assist with the monitoring and management of the environment, including advanced security and auditing features.
Emissary demo:

We’re solving health IT’s most pressing challenge today. Our Emissary platform enables seamless data exchange between EHRs and with leading-edge administration and clinical applications.

See how Emissary enables complete, real-time access to patient records, preventing a life-threatening condition that otherwise would be missed.

Emissary is the champion for health IT innovators

Save time:

Customers implement 80% faster, dramatically reducing the burden on IT staff.

Slash costs:

Cut integration efforts by as much as 75%.

Streamline processes:

Automate workflows for maximum efficiency.

Support any platform:

Scale rapidly with turnkey integration across EHRs.

Secure data:

Protect real-time data exchange with advanced authentication and encryption.

Solve problems:

Deliver the right information to the right person in the best possible application.

Administrative, analytics and clinical workflow solutions for

Prior authorization

Streamline prior authorization processes with seamless data exchange. Stop copying charts and retire those fax machines. Reduce costs and boost satisfaction and efficiency for you and your customers.

Advanced analytics

Boost predictive and advanced analytics capabilities. Integrate comprehensive, real-time clinical and billing data across patient populations. Make workflows seamless and information actionable by putting it directly into the EHR.

Release of information

Automate medical record requests to save time and slash administrative costs. Free up valuable staff time. Please your customers and their patients with better service and improved outcomes.

Quality reporting

Enhance quality reporting with secure access to robust clinical data. Develop and maintain reports more easily. Rapidly identify opportunities to drive better clinical outcomes. Make routine audits painless.

Risk adjustment

Take risk adjustment to the next level with rich clinical data — structured and unstructured. Enhance the accuracy of forecasts and the ability to successfully engage in value-based care.

Telehealth solutions


Integration is always the challenge with telehealth. Find out how our proven API software platform takes down barriers that inhibit innovation in telehealth.


Build and deploy effective surveillance for key clinical or operational initiatives. Now your customers can achieve impactful, real-time clinical decision support and detect, prevent and manage critical situations.

How does Emissary compare with other integration models?

Our universal, powerful APIs work across EHRs, enabling health IT innovators to focus on building great products, not painful EHR integrations. And by leveraging our advanced APIs – built to streamline today’s complex workflows – Emissary users install faster, with 75% less effort.

Supported EMR systems

Emissary in action

Case Study

Real-Time Doctor-Patient Collaboration Results in Better Health Outcomes

Sansoro Health’s EHR integration helps Oneview deliver improved patient communication and workflow.

Case Study

Enhanced Data Integration Delivers Efficiencies to Telepharmacy Solution

PipelineRx uses Sansoro Health’s APIs to streamline access to real-time EHRs and improve patient safety


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